Sacred African plant, "mother of all plants"

In Africa, through traditional Bwiti's initiation ceremony,
In Europe, during ceremonies lead by Africans ngangas All around the word:

Initiates have found their energy and zest for life,
overcome their fears and anxieties,
freed themselves from their neurosis,

beat their drug addiction

stopped getting drunk every day or gave up their strong alcohol dependence

Put in nutshelleach of them managed to get back on their feet and regain, thanks to Iboga, self-esteem and love for their entourage, which they could have lost or had difficulties to express


Seminar in Italy


Photo album

Initiations and care in Cameroon

Find the “Meyaya’s” website, Europe's first one on Iboga and Bwiti, created in 1995.
Shut down in 2006 as a consequence of the prohibition of Iboga in France